Zandstra Clapskate Ballangrud 9877Zandstra Clapskate Ballangrud 9877

Ballangrud 9877

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For those who prefer more support during a long ride.

This Zandstra Race High Heel boot has a higher shaft, which together with the power strap provides the skater with extra stability during long-distance rides. The shell is made out of polyamide reinforced with carbon fiber. The lining of the boot is made out of a combination of gel and neoprene, and the soft padding at the Achilles tendon ensures extra wearing comfort.

The Ballangrud blade is a semi-high aluminium model made out of an aluminium tube with a stainless tool steel runner with a hardness of 60Rc, which means that the skate needs to be sharpened less often. With a thickness of 1.25 mm this skate is ideal for both artificial and natural ice.



37 - 44

Clap or fixed

Clap skate


Stainless steel (Toolsteel) - 60Rc.


25 meter

All skates are sharpened and ready to use!