Zandstra Clapskate Ballangrud 9850Zandstra Clapskate Ballangrud 9850

Ballangrud 9950

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Increase your performance.

This Ballangrud has a Long Track III boot. This low-heel boot has a comfortable and warm lining. It provides great freedom of movement for the ankle, making it possible to use the correct skating technique. The boot closes with a combination of a lace and power strap with micro buckle, which ensures accurate adjustment.

The Ballangrud blade is a semi-high aluminium model made out of an aluminium tube with super hard bi-metal steel for perfect traction. The runner is harder (64Rc.), thinner (1.1mm) and 5 mm higher than the standard tool steel runner.

These changes make this type of blade more suitable for the 400-metre oval.



34 - 47

Clap or fixed

Clap skate


Bi metal high speed steel - 64 Rc.


23 meter

All skates are sharpened and ready to use!