Zandstra Clapskate Ving 3592Zandstra Clapskate Ving 3592

Ving 3592

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Those who prefer more skating pleasure - to clap or not to clap.

This “Ving Clap skate” has a comfortable, warm lightweight boot. Fatigue and blisters are a thing of the past and optimal ankle support is guaranteed. A combination of these specifications ensures optimal comfort for the recreational skater.

The Ving blade gives you the freedom to choose between a fixed or a clap skate. The blade is made out of an aluminium tube with a high-quality stainless tool steel runner, ensuring that the skate stays sharp for a long time.

The Ving Clap skate is 1.5 to 2 cm lower than the competition clap skate, making it an excellent choice for both natural and artificial ice.
This combination is very popular among the motivated recreational skaters.



34 - 47.

Clap or fixed

Clap skate.


Stainless steel (Toolsteel) - 60Rc.


25 meter.

All skates are sharpened and ready to use!