Zandstra Joha Pro Art. 7150Zandstra Joha Pro Art. 7150

Zandstra Joha Pro 7150

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The Joha sharpener has been especially designed for the demanding ice skater. The design in combination with the most modern techniques of high-pressure casting has resulted in a very accurate sharpening jig. In addition, the two moulded sides are unique in shape and strength.

Thanks to the specially designed clamping profiles, the blades can be set very precisely and firmly. Because of the special shape of these profiles, the blades are always clamped at right angles. This results in a precisely sharpened skate.

The top stops, the so-called precision spacers, have two heights and can be mounted in three places. This means that almost all skates fit in the Joha Pro.

Thanks to the large knobs, the jig is quickly ready for use, which helps when several pairs need sharpening within a short period of time. The jig also has special anti-skid rubbers, so that it always sits firmly on the worktable.

Zandstra Sport has developed a stand for the Joha Pro especially for Comfort Skates. It raises the sharpening block by some 8 cm, so that skates with high boots can also be sharpened.

The Joha sharpener has been especially developed for the demanding professional skaters. Thanks to the specially designed clamping profiles (A), the blades are clamped very precisely and firmly (B).

Optionally available: Joha Pro Stand
There are many different models and types of skates, All Round, Short Track, Recreational, etc. To make optimal use of the Joha Pro you may wish to use the special stand that can be mounted under the uprights of the Joha Pro, and raises the jig by 8 cm.

Fastening the stand is easy. The mounting hardware is enclosed.